Porsche 911 GT3

This 997 version is a rare example in tremendous condition. At home on the track or the street, it turns heads wherever it goes.

I completed a 2 stage paint correction and applied Opti-Coat Pro+ to the paint and the wheels.    

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage

This classic English cruiser boasts a unique V12 engine and timeless, sleek looks.

It needed some serious paint correction. We performed an extensive multi stage correction to bring the paint back to like brand new, then sealed that finish in with Opti-Coat Pro+.



’71 Ford Falcon Panel Van

They sure don’t make them like this anymore. This ’71 Falcon Panel Van is one of very few still in this condition in the country.

Multi stage correction, including removal of heavy water spotting, then finished with Bowden’s Own Fully Slick.

Ford Mustang GT

Ford’s decision to bring the new Mustang to Australia was a great one! Wearing this stunning Grabber Blue colour, this GT stands out from the crowd.

Single stage paint enhancement, Opti-Coat Pro+ to paint and wheels, Opti-Glass Pro, Opti-Lens, Opti-Guard interior protection and 3M darkest legal tint send this car to the next level!

Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3

One of the most famous cars in Australian history – the Falcon GTHO Phase 3. This car is one of the very best original examples in the country. Completely original and unrestored, it’s an amazing vehicle.

Due to the thin paint, I went with Bowden’s Own Cleanser, followed by Bowden’s Own Lazy Wax for a lovely, natural look.

BMW E46 M3

The E46 M3 is a modern classic with the last of the truly great BMW inline 6’s.

2-3 stage correction and Opti-Coat Pro+ to lock that amazing shine in!

BMW 330i

BMW is one of the most known car brands in the world. This 330i is the classy business man or woman’s choice.

Single stage paint correction and Opti-Coat Pro+ applied to the paint, lights and wheels. Opti-Guard interior protection to top it off.


The A45 AMG is one of the fastest hot hatches on the planet, with this model claiming 280kW/475Nm.

This car received the full package with a single stage paint correction, Opti-Coat Pro+ to the paint and wheels, Opti-Lens to all the lights, Opti-Glass to all the glass and Opti-Guard interior protection.




The eye catching yellow colour sets this car apart from the rest.

This cute Mazda MX-5 received a comprehensive 2 stage correction, stone chip touch ups and Opti-Coat Pro+.


An original BMW M6 (635i), modified by Hartge in Germany. A true, 1 of 5 ever made, factory BMW racing car. Stunning vehicle.

I completed a 2 stage correction, then used Bowden’s Own Auto Body Cleanser, followed by Bowden’s Own Lazy Wax and Fully Slick. This combination gives sensationally stunning results.


All Aussie powerhouse. This FPV F6 is a luxury Aussie weapon that will rip the pavement up.

In amazingly beautiful Phantom Black, we completed a 2 stage correction, then locked in this stunning finish with the best there is – Opti-Coat Pro+.


Big German bruiser. Twin turbo V8, nearly 2.5 tonnes, all muscle.

Spectacular Long Beach Blue really makes this car stand out.


Top of the line German muscle. Gorgeous Audi RS6 in spectacular black.

Single stage correction followed by Opti-Coat Pro+.

Pictures speak for themselves!


German precision. This Audi S3 cabrio is stunning in black and a lovely piece of machinery.

Single stage correction and Opti-Coat Pro+ to paint and lights.


Affordable family car at its finest. Great little car for anybody, now wearing the best – Opti-Coat Pro+!

Single stage correction, followed by Opti-Coat Pro+ and Opti-Trim Protect on all the plastics.


Australia’s toughest ute? This car certainly sounds like it! This car lives in a climate controlled bubble and only came out for me to detail it, then it went straight back into the bubble.

We went with a comprehensive 2 stage paint correction, Opti-Coat Pro+ on the paint, lights, wheels (inside and out) and brake calipers, plus Opti-Trim Protect on all the black plastics.


With a $180k+ sticker price when new, the Audi S6 is a beautiful example of a quality, high end Euro car.

This S6 had severe swirl marks over the entire body and was corrected with a 2 stage correction, then sealed for life with Opti-Coat PRO+.


The Mercedes C63 AMG 507 Edition is a belter of a German muscle car. This stunning car was only 4 weeks old when I detailed and protected it.

It got a 2 stage correction and was protected for life with Opti-Coat PRO+.


R34 GTR V-Spec in Bayside Blue. JDM to the max. Fully built engine putting out 350kW+ to the wheels too.

There were a lot of defects in the paint, but the paint was beautiful to work with and polished up brilliantly.

We went with a 2 stage correction, Opti-Coat PRO, Opti-Glass PRO, wheels done inside and out, headlight restoration, plus a full interior scrub down and fabric protection.


Limited edition WRX RS40 in World Rally Blue. Classic rally car!

This car got the full treatment – 3 stage correction, Opti-Coat PRO, 3 layers of PRO+, wheels off and coated in Opti-Coat PRO, Opti-Glass and a full headlight restoration.


This beautiful MK6 Golf R is a lovely car. From the colour to the interior, the car screams quality.

A comprehensive 2 stage correction was completed on this car. All the wheels were done inside and out, Opti-Glass PRO on all the glass surfaces, and of course, Opti-Coat PRO was the coating of choice for longevity.


The rotary – what a novel idea!

This FD RX7 is a true Japanese sports car. Low slung, gorgeous lines and lovely paint. It was a real pleasure to correct this lovely little car.

Single stage correction with Opti-Coat PRO+. This car is now protected for life with superior gloss!


This lovely, brand new Ralliart Lancer came to me about 3 weeks old. It was covered in dealer inflicted swirls, holograms and scratches!

A 2 stage correction was completed and Opti-Coat PRO+ applied to lock in the superior finish for years!


One of Australia’s favourite cars, the SS Commodore.

This car was overall in good condition, but the tail lights had bad swirls and there needed to be some colour sanding done to take care of some deeper scratches on the drivers door.

I went with a 2 stage correction, Opti-Coat PRO and 2 layers of PRO+. The wheels were all taken off, cleaned and Opti-Coated also.


The Evo is an iconic car. Anyone who’s into cars knows what an Evo is. This was a fantastic example of an Evo X MR in brilliant black.

Some medium oxidation was present on the roof, boot lid and spoiler, with light swirls over the rest of the car.

These all came out with a mild cut. The black then popped off the car with a fine jewelling polish. Opti-Coat 2.0 was then applied to the car to lock in that finish for years to come.


This little Barina has seen better days.

The owner of this car was going to respray the bonnet and roof with his Dad, so he just wanted it to look the best that it could considering its condition.

I used a glaze to extract the maximum amount of shine that was left in the paint. Restored all the trim, and then sealed it with a polymer sealant and spray wax.


HSV is a classic motoring brand. This car is now 14 years old, but still feels new inside.

Unfortunately, the outside had seen better days. It looked fine in the shade, but the true story was revealed under lights.

Mild swirling and a generous serve of oxidation served to spoil this otherwise great example of an Aussie icon. The paint on this car proved to be incredibly soft. A very mild cut was needed, with a final jewelling polish to really make it pop.

The whole car was then sealed with Opti-Coat 2.0.


Volkswagen know how to make a hot hatch. This MK 7 version is no different. Great car, inside and out.

I got this car off the client 2 weeks after delivery. The paint was in very good condition. Regardless, we went with a 2 stage correction and Opti-Coat PRO. Opti-Glass PRO was applied to all the glass surfaces and the interior was given a full detail with leather treatment.


Mercedes are a high end luxury car maker and this E280 was no exception. Beautiful inside and out, this Mercedes was a real challenge.

It had heavy swirling on the whole body and some of the worst marring I’ve ever seen on the boot lid. Mercedes’ of this age use what’s called “Ceramiclear” clear coat, which is unbelievably hard and requires an extreme level of cutting.

After the massive job of cutting down the defects was complete, the car was given a final polish with a jewelling polish and then Opti-Coat 2.0 was applied.


This is the second Evo X MR I’ve done now. The client had a 2 stage correction done to his car with Opti-Coat PRO+. This one had the drivers side resprayed recently, so some of the paint measurements were vastly different.

Nice paint to work with though, and the pictures I think speak for themselves. The colour really pops off the car now and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!


The Hyundai Veloster is a striking looking car from all angles. The Turbo version even gets the power to go with the looks.

This car has come to me a few times. First time was for a light polish and sealant when it was brand new. I also got the pleasure of detailing it after a 5 day Brisbane to Melbourne road trip.

Overall, this car is a treat to work on and one I can’t wait to do again.


The Mitsubishi 380 is a bit of a forgotten child within the Australian car market. This 380 VRX however, stands out from the pack with its brilliant gold paint, gun metal grey roof, 20 inch Enkei rims and 8 piston K-Sport brake callipers.

The owner of this car originally came to me to have the paint corrected and get it sealed with sealant and a wax. A medium cut and fine polish was required with light to medium swirls over the entire car. About 12 months later, he came back to have Opti-Coat 2.0 applied.

The paint was still in such good condition that only a fine polish was required and then the Opti-Coat 2.0 applied to lock the finish in.


The Suzuki Swift is a cute little car and was a lot of fun to work on.

The swirling, pitting and oxidation was of a high level, but fortunately the paint was on the softer side, so only a mild cut was needed.

A fine jewelling polish was then used and it was sealed with a German polymer sealant and high quality Carnauba wax.


The Mitsubishi Pajero is a known off road machine. This example belongs to the same owner as the gold Mitsubishi 380. It’s purely a work car and hasn’t been washed in years.

It was recently “polished” by a panel beater after having one of the panels resprayed and the swirl marks were quite bad.

This car required quite an aggressive approach to remove the swirls and scratches. It was finished down with a finishing polish and sealed with Opti-Coat 2.0.